-Marriott workers dumping oil in the Atlantic.


After reports surfaced of the alleged dumping of oil in the Atlantic Ocean by Marriott workers, the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that the due investigations have already commenced. However, no details will be made available until the investigations are completed.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Community Health Organization has laid a strong reproof against the actions of the Marriott workers. In a public statement issued by ECHO, Director Royston King said that dumping of oil is a clear violation of the established environmental laws and its prohibition should be everyone’s concern.

King in his statement said “Such unfriendly and irrational environmental action shows that those who are involved, really have no respect or care for our environment. Waste oil dumped into our waters not only affects our fishes and other resources, but also the ecology of our environment. That action is polluting the Atlantic Ocean and has far-reaching implications for the integrity of our environment.”

He stressed that these actions have a far reaching effect, since it could ultimately lead to economic fall through. King delineated that the day to day activities of those who ply the waterways could be adversely affected, since no quantitative study was done to determine exactly how much oil may have already been disposed of in the ocean.

The ECHO Director emphasized that more needs to be done to ensure waste disposal is at its optimum efficiency in this changing world. He noted “This has brought to the fore several important questions, including who is monitoring activities there. What is the source of the waste oil? ECHO is calling on the competent authorities, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to take swift action against those Chinese workers, who are destroying our environment.”ECHO has vowed to conduct a separate investigation and would seek to bring legal action against all parties involved.

More tensions rose over the Marriott Hotel Project when some Chinese workers were caught dumping oil in the Atlantic Ocean by tourists. The incident has been reported to MARAD and ever since it was made public, there have been condemnations emanating from various sectors of society. Minister Robeson Benn, when contacted, had not yet been apprised of the incident, but stated that such actions would be considered as environmental infractions.
There have been talks of the ongoing investigations, but the details of this will only be known when the investigations are completed.


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