The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC) has extended Republic Day greetings to all Guyanese.

Read full statement-

“The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), extends Republic Day greetings to all Guyanese – citizens who represent many cultures coexisting in one country.

The ERC recognizes that 52 years ago, in 1970, an independent Guyana took the final step towards republicanism. It paved the way for the country to remove the last vestiges of colonial rule, and to freely retain the rich cultural heritage of its peoples.
That heritage is celebrated and remains largely intact today, evolving in harmony and side-by-side with each other. The unique Guyanese nation is steadily on a path to further consolidate its cultural gains and freedoms as a Republic.
The Commission fully acknowledges and supports this year’s anniversary theme promoted by the Ministry of Culture: “Mashramani 2022, resolute in building our One Guyana” which smoothly coincides with the ERC’s mandate.
The constitutional body therefore calls on Guyanese to rally around this year’s message and to be free in spirit to attain togetherness. Our ethnic diversity remains alive and continues to blossom as one mixed collection.
While activities for Mashramani have partially returned in the ongoing pandemic, government’s scheduled programme of events on 23rd February gives credit to the important milestone; Guyanese are still able to bond, although in a limited way to observe the Republic anniversary of their country.
Happy Republic Day from the Ethnic Relations Commission!”


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