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Excitement as school reopens

The atmosphere was filled with excitement on Monday as teachers and students alike eagerly stepped into their new classrooms, marking the grand reopening of schools and the thrilling start of a brand-new academic adventure.

The school corridors were filled with students chatting and embracing each other after the long summer break.

Vasanna Persaud of Queen’s College said she is pleased that the July – August break is finally over.

“I’m very happy to be back and to see all my friends but I’m actually kind of nervous, starting a new form, especially the CSEC year,” Persaud stated.

Over at North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School, Tafariah Harris happily strolled into the school compound. She said that she missed school badly and was anticipating the return date.

“It’s a nice experience at least for us to come back to school instead of being home all summer doing nothing…I’m happy to be back,” Harris said.

Embarking on her new secondary school life at St Joseph High School, Sarah Singh pledged to improve in every area of her studies.

“I feel a little bit excited and at the same time nervous. I’m looking to learn about computers and do more in English A and B. I’m very excited to meet new people but I also have three friends that are coming here with me,” an elated Singh explained.

The Headmistress of the North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School, Rasulan Khan also expressed eagerness as she saw happy faces boring through the school gate. 

“I am very excited to return to school. We’re looking forward to once again improved performance, taking the school back to its glorious days,” said the headmistress.

Meanwhile, Colleen DeJounge was quite emotional as she watched her daughter make her first step into the Tutorial High School.

“I am happy and a bit nervous as well because this is her first time coming to the city area to attend school. She even got up early to come to school this morning. We prepared a long time for this,” the woman relayed.

Additionally, Dwane Leacock noted that her two sons are well-equipped to start the new secondary school journey.  “The cash grant helped a great lot. I was able to get the majority of the stuff for them early,” Leacock stated.

[Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information]



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