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Families that formerly squatted to get homes in Mocha/ Cane View

The relocation process for some 16 families who have been squatting at (Mocha/Herstelling) Cane View is moving apace smoothly according to the Ministry of Housing.

Currently, the homes of 16 families in developed schemes on the East Bank of Demerara are at various stages of completion. During a site visit to the Plantation Herstelling, East Bank Demerara area, Minister of Housing and Water,Collin Croal engaged some of the new homeowners who express immense satisfaction with the ongoing process.

Already some 25 families have signed agreements with the Ministry of Housing and Water-Central Housing and Planning Authority for the relocation. As of March 22, 2022, some 16 families have started works on their new structures while four families have indicated that within another two weeks they will be able to relocate completely to their new dwelling place.

A call was made by some families for the Minister to ensure a timely service connection from Guyana Water Inc. This, Minister Croal committed to within another week.

The Ministry had engaged a total of 35 families from Cane View on relocation as the Ministry moves to begin construction of Diamond to Eccles four-lane Highway. Prior to the relocation homeowners who fell within the path of the road were consulted before they signed an agreement. Their existing properties were Valued at the current market price by the Valuation Office and those who have agreed have since been compensated, hence the commencement of construction.



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