Family of three perishes during deadly blaze at Cummings Lodge apartment building


Three persons are now dead after they were reportedly trapped in their home while a fire of unknown origin engulfed the apartmenr building this evening.

The deadly blaze took place at Sixth Street, Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown, and is believed to have been deliberately set.

One suspect has been taken into police custody after the cops were told that the fire began within minutes of him exiting the now burnt apartment complex which had sections also rented to tenants.

The suspect is said to be a relative of the late property owner.

Meanwhile, the three dead persons have been identified as Beverly Miller, her husband, Marvin Lewis and their son, Dawall Ifill.

The now deceased individuals are relatives of one of the tenants who told the media that the apartment in which the three perished had been “heavily grilled” at the time of the fire.

Efforts to rescue the three proved futile since the grills were padlocked.  The charred remains of Miller and her spouse were found in one room while their son’s remains were located in a separate room.

Investigations into the matter are currently ongoing.


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