Farmer chopped several times with his cutlass by unidentifiable attacker- police


-man had been pedaling bicycle on public road when suspect approached from behind

A farmer who had been pedaling his bicycle while carrying a cutlass was brutally chopped about his body by an unidentifiable attacker in his village.

The injured man has been identified as 39-year-old Quincy Hall of Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara (WBD), who is said to have been physically assaulted with his own cutlass on Wednesday night around 20:50 while he was making his way along the Stanleytown Public Road, WBD.

Reports are that Hall had placed his cutlass by the lower bar of his bicycle and was heading North on the above-mentioned public road, when an unidentifiable male approached him from behind.

According to the cops, the suspect quickly snatched his cutlass and dealt Hall several chops about his body before making good his escape in an unknown direction.

“After the incident, the victim’s uncle, a Bus Driver, also of Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara, being informed of the incident, arrived at said scene where he met the victim with several wounds and immediately escorted him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital. The victim sustained injuries to his hands and feet and is in a serious but stable condition and is undergoing treatment,” a police statement on the incident said.

Investigations into the matter are currently in progress.


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