Farmer suffers wounds to chest, ear while returning home from drinking session


A 25-year-old farmer is now hospitalized with a wound to the left side of his chest and another to the right ear after he was allegedly attacked along a trail following a drinking session at a shop in Moblissa, Linden Highway

The injured man, identified as Henry Rodrigues, of Moblissa, Linden Highway, allegedly has no recollection of the events that occurred after he left the shop to return to his home.

HGP Nightly News understands that the incident took place on Friday night.

Rodrigues’ friend, Abraham Viveiros, who resides with him told the cops that on the night in question, he (Viveiros) was making dinner inside of their house which is located a short distance across a creek, when he heard Rodrigues calling out for him.

According to a police statement, Viveiros then went across the creek where he met Rodrigues, who entered the boat, and appeared to be “very intoxicated.”

“They then went over the creek where he observed the injuries on the victim’s body with blood running from the head, left side chest, and a swollen left hand. He immediately went to the victim’s sister where he informed her what he saw and with the assistance of the victim’s  brother-in-law they quickly took him to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was admitted and  presently being treated for the injuries. The victim condition is listed as serious but stable.”

The cops noted that persons in the area were questioned but no useful information was received.

Investigations continue.


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