Fasting and prayer will help find solutions to problems says PM Phillips 


Guyana’s Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), Mark Phillips, on the National Day of Fasting and Prayers this Friday lauded the step, which he says moves the country in the right direction to “combat the difficulties the world is currently facing”.

Also coming in for praise on Friday was the religious diversification of the country and the tolerance and respect shown by all Guyanese.

“What a wonderful time to be in Guyana. This is an important time when our three major religions converge in fasting and prayer. This is a time when the world has a lot of problems, and fasting and praying will help us with finding solutions to those problems.” he said .

The Prime Minister made this comment at a special prayer session organised by his Office and attended by his staff. 

He emphasised that the theme of today’s activity, “fast together, pray together and stay together”, as ‘One Guyana’, reflects the vision of unity and collective development that will take Guyanese forward with the country’s impending growth.

He spoke of global problems, including the war between Russia and Ukraine and its implications and the supply chain and economic problems that stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“You have a Government that remains a caring Government…I want to assure you that from the Government side, we are committed to decision-making and problem-solving that will involve many more measures to ease the pressures that we are all suffering from during this trying time in our country.”

The event was attended and included prayers and remarks by Bishop Patrick Findlay, Pandit Roopnaraine Persaud and Dr Roshan Khan, who represented the Christian, Hindu and Muslim communities.


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