Female Pastor and 36yr old woman robbed in their home after leaving door open


A 71-year-old pastor is among two victims that were robbed in their home on October 12 in Lama Drive Meadow Brook Gardens at about 3:40hrs. Reports are that the women went to bed without locking a wooden door to the upper flat of the house.
Subsequently, the 36-year-old female was aroused by a walking sound in the hall of the house and as she got up to investigate, she was confronted by the two suspects, one of whom pointed a gun at her and told her not to make any noise. He demanded she hands over money and gold, she told him that she did not have and they then picked up her cellular phone valued $ 31,000, One laptop computer valued $78,000 and two iPads valued $28,000 which were in her bedroom.
The suspects then went into the elderly woman’s bedroom, woke her up and demanded money and gold.
She became afraid and handed over $60,000 cash. The suspects then picked up the victim’s other articles; One cell phone valued $65,000, One laptop valued $75,000, Two televisions valued $250,000 and $60,000 cash which were in the hall of the house and made good their escape through the opened door.
Efforts were made to locate the suspects but without success. Investigations are in progress.


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