Fifth suspect in Corentyne businessman’s murder remanded


Daniel McLennon, called “Dutty”, who was arrested on Wednesday after being on the run for a month for the murder of Corentyne, Berbice businessman, Lomenzo Jhonny, called “Sham” was hauled before the Court today and remanded to prison.

He made his first Court appearance at the New Amsterdam Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Peter Hugh for the indictable charge of murder.

McLennon was remanded to prison and is expected to make his next Court appearance with the other four murder suspects charged for Jhonny’s murder next Friday.

The murder suspect was caught on Wednesday morning by at Laing Avenue, Georgetown, by police ranks attached to the Major Crimes Unit and is believed to have been the mastermind in the businessman’s murder.

On February 27, Jhonny’s body was found in a yard with his feet bound together by a shoelace. The gruesome discovery was made some 400 metres away from his home where a building had been under construction.

Investigators had found a pair of scissors, a piece of wood, and Jhonny’s sweater near the now dead man’s body.

He was said to have visible wounds to his hand, his back, with his head and face also swollen.

According to the police, when they had visited Jhonny’s house shortly after discovering his body, the front door to the building had been unlocked while the inside had been ransacked.

The safety vault which the man had kept inside of his home, along with other items, were said to have been removed from the house. However, local sleuths managed to obtain information about the location of Jhonny’s safe which contained an undisclosed amount of cash.

It was subsequently discovered containing $2M in cash and four men were arrested at that time. McLennon, who was identified by his accomplices as the fifth suspect, had disappeared before the police could nab him.

Shortly after, the quartet- Satram Khuslay, Bilal McLennon, Gopaul Ramgobin and Navendra Narine were hauled before the Courts where they were jointly charged with the businessman’s murder.

According to confession statements of the four, McLennon reportedly had disappeared with over $14M in cash that was stolen from Jhonny on the day of his murder.


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