Fire Services records Increase in Prank Calls in Region 5


Now that the Guyana Fire Service is equipped to trace prank calls, it was announced on Tuesday that there has been a recent spike in prank calls coming out of the Blairmont, Region 5 area.

The Onverwagt Fire Station reported that perpetrators are calling around a specific time during the day and giving false information regarding fires in the area.

The Guyana Fire Service reminded that they are mandated to respond to all fire reports.

In a press statement the fire service reiterated that “Prank calls are especially dangerous because they allow for the wasting of valuable time and resources as well as hinder firefighters from effectively doing their jobs and responding to actual fires that threaten a loss of life and/or property.”

Citizens were therefore urged to desist from making prank calls and false reports.

The GFS threatened that once perpetrators are identified they will face the full brunt of the law.


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