Fire that leaves 99 year old and son homeless caused by Power surge


Two persons are now homeless following a fire at Lot 55 First Alley, Wismar, Linden. Initial Investigations revealed that an electrical power surge caused “substandard electrical wiring” to overheat, resulting in the thermostat of the refrigerator to fail and subsequently overheat the compressor which ignited nearby combustible materials.
The structure one floor wooden and concrete building owned by ninety-nine year old Marverine Brewley and occupied by sixty-six year old Joel Brewley was completely destroyed.

According to a press release from the Guyana Fire Service, the fire was reported at about 11:44 hrs on Sunday.

Also affected by the blaze was a two storey wooden and concrete house located at Lot 58 First Alley Wismar, Linden owned by eighty-seven year old Dannly Saul and occupied by himself and family of nine (9).
Five meters of the Southern wall was severely damaged due to radiated heat from the building of origin.


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