Firearm Found in Food Court in Corentyne Berbice


Enquires disclosed that a 33-year-old Security Guard, was on duty at the upper flat of the food court located at Albion in Corentyne Berbice, when he heard a loud noise coming from persons who were gathered on the lower flat of the food court building, along with shouts that someone had a firearm.

The security guard, who was armed with a 9MM pistol, subsequently ran down the stairs to the lower flat of the building and discharged a warning shot in the air which caused the crowd to disperse. A male who was in the crowd dropped ‘something’ and ran away in a northern direction and made good his escape. 

The security guard then went to see what the man had dropped, only to discover that it was a pistol with two rounds.

The firearm was taken to Albion Police Station.  

Shortly after the incident, at around 13:49 hours, an investigating rank contacted a 32 year-old unemployed female who resides at Block 4 Tain, Corentyne Berbice and a 20-year-old male of Persaud Street, Corentyne, Berbice and conducted interviews with them.

The female said she was at the Food Court where her and a male had an argument then a scuffle. The male reportedly pulled out a hand=gun from his pocket and she raised an alarm and ran.  

The 20-year-old male who was interviewed by the Police said he also saw when the suspect pulled out the gun from his pocket, and he ran because he was scared.

The suspect (name withheld) was subsequently arrested by the Police and placed into custody at the Rose Hall Police OutPost, but was later ‘sent away’ by a police constable.

The constable was later placed on close arrest.

Investigations are ongoing.


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