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Five homeless as fire destroys house at Itaballi Landing

A fire of unknown origin gutted a house at Itaballi Landing, Lower Mazaruni River, on Thursday, rendering five persons homeless.

In a statement, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) said the fire started at about 17:35. Ingrid Moore, a 44-year-old cook, owned the uninsured, one-bedroom house made of wood.

The house is powered by solar panels and batteries in the bedroom, the Police said.

Reports are that Moore went to work at about 07:00h on Thursday and left her four children at home.

The eldest child, age 17, related that around 17:00h, her siblings went to the Mazaruni River to bathe while she stood about 100 yards away from home socialising when she observed fire coming from their house.

She told investigators that she quickly ran into the house and observed that the fire seemed to have originated from the room with the solar batteries.

She raised an alarm and ran to safety. Public-spirited citizens attempted to quell the blaze, but their efforts were futile. The family is estimating their losses to be $1 million.



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