The Government Analyst – Food and Drugs Department has detected another fake drug on the local market. The Director of the Department is warning distributors that knowingly distributing fake drugs is a criminal offense. Javone Vickerie reports.

The drug being counterfeited is the Daflon 500mg tablet. This product is used to treat patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) more prevalently known as varicose vein and venous circulation disorders associated with swollen legs, pain, early morning restless legs) and symptoms associated with acute hemorrhage. In the clip seen here, The original product is sold in a white box with blue borders and contains sixty (60) 500mg tablets that are further divided on four (4) silver blister packs, each containing fifteen (15) tablets.

The counterfeited product is sold in a white box with no border and containing sixty (60) 500mg tablets that are further divided on six (6) silver with blue blister packs, each containing ten (10) tablets. The manufacturers’ address of the original product is in France while that of the counterfeited/fake product manufactured address is Turkey or Ukraine.

According to the Director of the Food and Drugs Department Marlon Cole, apart from their own investigation, it was also several distributors who brought it to the attention of the department that they were in possession of the fake drug.

Mr. Cole however told Nightly News that while in some countries there is a limit to the number of businesses allowed to import drugs and other pharmaceuticals, this is not the case in Guyana.

The Official distributors of the Original Product are Massy Distributors Inc. and Ansa McAl Trading Ltd. The department says that criminal proceeding would be instituted against the importers of the fake/ counterfeited Daflon. But the counterfeit drug could have a serious effect.


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