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Food For The Poor donates 30 sets of kiddies’ furniture to Reg.1 Education Dept.

Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc. recently donated 30 sets of kiddies’ furniture to the Region One Education Department. Two simple ceremonies were held at the Barabina Nursery and Mabaruma Nursery. 

From this initiative, a total of six schools will benefit from the pieces of furniture – Mabaruma Nursery, Wauna Nursery, Hobadeia Primary School Nursery Department, Blackwater Nursery, Barbina Nursery and St. Dominic’s Nursery, resulting in a total of 120 students having improved seating accommodation.  

s FFTP (Guy) Inc. CEO Kent Vincent delivered the feature address and noted that children’s education is critical to any nation’s continued growth and development. 

He explained that over the years, FFTP (Guy) Inc. had supported the education sector with various initiatives, such as building schools and providing furniture, teaching aids and books. 

“Today, we are pleased to continue in this same vein as we officially hand over these Nursery School furniture to the Department of Education, Region 1. We are also happy to be able to channel our support to the region and are committed to assist wherever there is need,” Vincent shared. 

Also sharing the same sentiments was acting Regional Education Officer Cliva Joseph, who praised FFTP (Guy) Inc. for their timely intervention, as the furniture donated will benefit the region. 

She related that, with the Nursery population increasing daily, space in the classroom was becoming an issue. But, with the thirty sets of furniture, the educational level in the nursery sector will increase as the children will be better accommodated. 

Headteacher of Mabaruma Nursery Alisa Campbell and Senior Mistress of Barabina Nursery Lin Hernandez were extremely grateful to FFTP (Guy) Inc. 

The duo shared that they are pleased with the major contribution FFTP (Guy) Inc. has made, as they will make full use of the donation. 

This initiative is part of FFTP (Guy) effort to support and promote education in Guyana in keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4. 

Previously, in October 2022, FFTP (Guy) Inc. supported Barima-Waini’s Department of Education and Regional Democratic Council. 

Food for the Poor (Guy) Inc. continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring that children in all regions of Guyana have access to quality education. 



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