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Food For The Poor (Guyana) Inc., in collaboration with Food For The Poor (Canada), launched a Literacy and Numeracy Project in Region 1, Baramita.

Food For The Poor (Guyana) Inc., in collaboration with Food For The Poor (Canada), proudly inaugurated the Baramita Literacy Project – ‘Empowering Women and Girls through Literacy and Numeracy’ in Baramita, Region 1. The project, launched at the Baramita Primary School, is scheduled for completion in August 2024.

The initiative aims to benefit 30 women and girls from the Baramita community who have either never attended school or lack basic foundational literacy and numeracy skills. Each participant was provided with a comprehensive package, including a bag, books, pencils, eraser, sharpener, and crayons during the launch.

Stacy Parris, Social Worker and Program Coordinator at Food For The Poor (Guyana) Inc., expressed her enthusiasm at the opening ceremony, stating, “Today marks a pivotal moment in the Baramita community as we gather to launch a literacy program specifically tailored for the empowerment of women and girls.” She emphasized the transformative power of education, describing it as a beacon of hope in the rural landscape. Ms. Parris stressed the importance of literacy in breaking down barriers and fostering positive change, not only for individual participants but for the entire community.

Ms. Parris highlighted that the program goes beyond alphabets and numbers, focusing on building confidence, independence, and a sense of belonging. She encouraged the entire Baramita community to actively support and participate in the literacy endeavor, underscoring the broader impact of an educated woman on community transformation.

Mr. Bissoonnauth Bacchus, one of the program’s tutors, commended Food For The Poor (Guyana) Inc. for their ongoing efforts in Baramita, acknowledging previous contributions such as hampers, grills, partnerships with Stem Guyana, and donations of tables and computers. Mr. Bacchus emphasized the uniqueness and benefits of the program, stating that participants would gain a better grasp of the English language, enhancing their overall communication skills.

Expressing gratitude, the beneficiaries of the project also thanked Food For The Poor (Guyana) Inc. for the invaluable support.

The twelve-week program is designed to cover various aspects of literacy and numeracy, including printing letters, understanding phonetics, filling out forms, counting, and basic math. The final twelve weeks will focus on advanced skills such as printing numbers, money transactions, reading signs and sentences, and understanding the calendar.

Food for the Poor (Guyana) Incorporated (FFP), established as the largest charitable non-governmental organization (NGO) in Guyana, operates under the theme of “Transforming Communities, Renewing Hope, and Saving Lives.” Over the past 32 years, FFP Guyana has made significant charitable contributions within the ten Administrative Regions of Guyana, becoming a pivotal force in community development.



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