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Friendship Secondary School Emerges Victorious at Debate Competition

On the heels of a national discussion, that stemmed from a hairstyle memo issued by the Ministry of Education about Hairstyle rules, St. Joseph High and Friendship Secondary batted with their words during a debate competition on Monday.

In the end, it was Friendship Secondary that emerged victorious in the Ministry of Education debate competition.

The auditorium at the National Center of Educational Resources Development (NCERD) was filled as the two teams debated the moot: “Schools should be allowed to mandate hairstyles as part of their uniform”.

Friendship Secondary School opposed the moot. Naomi Reddy was awarded “Best Debater”. The other members of her team included Natalya Howard and Shania Carriero.

The team from St Joseph’s High School comprised Adelie Saul, Kaylah Kirton and Antony Harry who proposed the moot.



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