Frustrated and Fed Up!  Residents of Sister’s Village reeling from Flooding


Frustrated residents of Sister’s Village, on the West Bank of Demerara (WBD) are calling on the relevant authorities to look into their plight. On Monday, the residents told Nightly News that the “slightest drizzle” often results in widespread flooding in the community.

In several videos and pictures seen by this newscast, muddy waters inundated homes and yards. “Every lil rain and the place does flood out” one woman told Nightly News on Monday. 

When questioned what has caused the constant flooding, they linked the poor drainage systems in the area. Numerous residents confirmed to Nightly News that they would have raised concerns to the local authorities but claimed that the issue has never been addressed.

Speaking with this publication on Monday, some parents expressed concern for the health of their children, who have to traverse in the flooded waters to go to school.

 They explained that in certain areas, many persons use pit latrine/ toilets, which would often contaminate the water. They explained that their children then have to walk through the flooded waters  to get to school. Many times, they said their littles ones would fall ill. 

When questioned why they would send their children to school in these adverse conditions, some parents admitted that their hands are tied. 

They explained that if every time the rain fell and they kept their children out of school- their attendance rates would be very low.

They were adamant that this issue must be a thing of the past.

The residents are pleading with the government to do their best to address their concerns. 

(A Griffith)


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