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GAWU says Festivals like Phagwah “strengthens bonds and build strong foundations” 

See below full message from GAWU:

At this time, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) extends to the Hindu communities and Guyanese at large sincere greetings on the occasion of Phagwah 2022. The festival which is among our country’s most colourful is embraced by Guyanese from all walks of life. It is yet another observance that adds to the rich cultural tapestry of our beloved nation and multi-cultural society.

The story of Phagwah or Holi is one now that is fairly well-known among Guyanese. It speaks of the devoutness of Prahalad and the intrigues formed against him. It is yet another reminder of the triumph of good over evil and despite adversities and challenges, our perseverance will bring us to our ultimate goals. Holi also signifies the generation of nature, the fertility of the land, and the bountiful harvest which it provides to mankind.

Phagwah’s social and cultural significance can be seen in the way that it has broken down the barriers of separation, suspicion, and insecurity in society. It is a festival of social cohesion that enriches the country’s multicultural character.

GAWU realizes that the messages of unity, goodwill and optimism exchanged

during such Festivals as Christmas, Mashramani, Eid and Phagwah are positive

contributions to instill hope and productive relationships between our people and build strong foundations for our future generations. In this regard, we feel that discriminating practices, whatever their form and a callous attitude to sections of the population will not serve to promote a national environment of trust, confidence and genuine togetherness so vital to peace and a healthy economy.

May the understanding associated by Festivals like Holi lead to a united and better country where our people of different faiths will take pride in our progress and developments knowing that a secure future is the aspiration we

all cherish.



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