2018 brought happiness and sadness around the Sugar industry. This is how the year was described by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU). More in this report from Handell Duncan

GAWU is characterizing 2018 as a bitter-sweet year. A year of disappointments and victories. Aslim Singh – Assistant General Secretary of GAWU stated that for the thousands who stand affected by the closure of the estates, the year was probably one of the most difficult for them.

The year also brought to culmination another struggle when cane cutters of Wales Estate were awarded their severance.

According to Singh, the union is disturbed to recognize that the several commitments made following the announcements of estate closures remain, at this time unfulfilled.

Meanwhile a bonus payment for workers by the corporation is coming as good news, however, GAWU is saying that bonus is identical to the Annual Production Incentive (API) scheme which was suspended a few years now.


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