GDF Rank lands midair in Russian Embassy compound


A 42-year-old GDF Corporal is now receiving attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital after flipping over the Russian Embassy’s fence on Saturday morning.
Police say that around 1:12hrs on Saturday, Dwayne Samuels was driving PYY 991 at a fast rate on the Rupert Craig Highway when he lost control of the vehicle while navigating the turn at the embassy.
The vehicle then collided with a billboard on the parapet and hit a concrete block. Further, the motorcar flipped over the concrete fence and landed midair in the Embassy’s compound.
Members of the Guyana Fire Service were summoned and later removed the driver who resides at Lot 297 Bachelor’s Adventure ECD in a semi-conscious state, and with the assistance of EMT personnel was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit, where he is currently being treated by doctors on duty in a stable condition.
Further investigations are underway.


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