GECOM Chairperson responds to Stabroek News 24th October 2021 Editorial


Chairman of the Guyana Election Commission Retired Justice Claudette Singh in a letter to the editor has reemphasized her position concerning her role in the commission.
In the letter it reads:
“ It is commendable that the Stabroek News Editor took the time to critically analyze and contextualize a UWI Cave Hill Campus virtual presentation by Political Scientist Professor Cynthia Barrow-Giles and Law Lecturer Dr. Ronnie Yearwood in its 24th October, 2021 Editorial column titled, “Politics and the Courts.”
Notably, the Editorial quoted Professor Barrow-Giles view that “it was GECOM which should have had an overriding role to play in the developments that took place in the wake of the 2020 elections, but that it had been Sidelined.” This statement is quite accurate; I dare say to those who understand, respect and are obligated to the Constitution.
However, I am perplexed that the Stabroek News Editor who seemingly does not understand the concept of obligation to the Constitution and respect for the Court went on to express the view that, “it might be remarked that under the current arrangements what matters is the resolve and fortitude of the Chairman, and under extreme pressure Justice Claudette Singh shied away from doing what was necessary at the very earliest stages of the crisis last year. As things stand it is not a post for the faint-hearted.”
Although the Commission has repeatedly justified its actions at that point, I believe the Stabroek News Editor, has conveniently missed it. In this regard, I take this opportunity to remind all Guyanese that on 5th March, 2020, a mandatory injunction was granted by the Court against the Commission and Chief Election Officer which as a consequence impeded my intervention and by extension that of the Commission to implement a legally guided decision and approach to finalize the electoral process.
As a former Law Officer and a retired Justice of Appeal, I wish to categorically state that I will always uphold and respect the Laws of Guyana and whether strong or weak, whoever is the Chairperson of Gecom must also abide by the Constitution and decisions of the Court.”


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