GECOM says they are Only Visiting Homes to Verify the Addresses of Registration Applicants


The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is once again in receipt of information that persons purporting to be employees of this Commission have been visiting homes seeking information about data in the Preliminary List of Electors (PLE). In this regard, it must be categorically stated that GECOM is not currently engaged in any such exercise, nor has the Commission authorized anyone – employee or otherwise – to collect information from any person for any reason whatsoever through house – to-house visits.
An integral component of the ongoing Claims and Objections exercise requires Registration Staff and Scrutineers to visit the given residential addresses of applicants for registration to verify that the applicants actually live at the addresses they would have provided. The applicants are informed of this mandatory visit at the time of the registration transaction, and based on the established Standard Operating Procedure (SoP), GECOM Staff and Scrutineers must display their respective identification and accreditation badges throughout all such visits.
GECOM is also cognizant that Political parties may be currently engaged in their own field activities, and it is therefore appealing to any / all such Party / Parties, to ensure that members of their respective do not identify themselves as representing GECOM.
In view of the foregoing, citizens are urged to be extremely cautious and to verify the identity of persons visiting their homes before providing any solicited information. Persons are asked to contact GECOM on telephone numbers 225-0277-9, 223-9653, 225-5808, or 225-5868 to report or clarify any concerns.


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