• Found on secluded beach


Persons walking along the beach in Tobago, made the gruesome discovery of one body and immediately notified police who found the second body 400 feet away. The couple, who has been identified as Birgid and Hubertus Keil, owned a vacation home on the island and arrived on October 25. They had initially planned to return to their home country sometime next year.

Tobago police report that the bodies of Birgid, 71, and Hubertus, 74, bore marks of violence and had gaping chop wounds to their backs. According to sources, “a defensive wound was also observed on the left hand of Hubertus, suggesting he may have struggled with his attacker”.

Police have been trying to ascertain if the murders occurred elsewhere and the bodies dumped at the beach or if they were robbed and left there. Authorities believe the bodies may have been on the beach for one or two days before being discovered. The couple’s house was also checked by local authorities; however there were no immediate signs of a robbery.

Extracted and modified from Caribbean 360


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