Giftland Mall and Republic Bank enforces proof vaccination policy


Following Government’s decision on Saturday to revise the September gazetted COVID-19 measures and guidelines to ensure that persons visiting all public buildings, whether government or privately owned must show proof of vaccination, a number of establishments have indicated their interest in following those guidelines.

Republic Bank Guyana has already enforced those guidelines set out by the government. These include: Anyone entering public buildings is required to be vaccinated. Where a person is unvaccinated, an appointment will be necessary. The person must present a negative molecular PCR test taken within seven days of the appointment. For the purpose of these measures only negative molecular biological PCR test results from a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health will be accepted.

Meanwhile, the Giftland Group has commenced planning to adjust to thee new restrictions that will take effect on Thursday, September 9th, 2021. Despite 99% of the Giftland Group employees being vaccinated, this timeline will allow the store owners, employees, mall workers, suppliers and customers to become fully compliant in the shortest time possible, without disruption of business and to ensure a smooth transition for complete compliance with the new regulations. Patrons are advised by the Mall, to walk with their vaccination cards and a valid ID Card/License to gain entry at the mall, as this will be a primary requirement by law. Step-by-step verification will be done to ensure everyone in the mall adheres to these news rules and if anyone is in possession or produces false documents they will be sent to the relevant authorities.


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