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GNBS certifies Robin Hollow Blocks to National Standard 

The Guyana National Bureau Standards (GNBS) on Thursday certified Robin Hollow Blocks under its Product Certification Programme. 

The company attained certification to manufacture four and six-inch blocks that meet the requirements of the National Standard GYS 215:2018 – Specification for Load Bearing Masonry Units (Concrete Blocks).

The certificate was handed over by GNBS Technical Officer Latchman Mootoosammi to the Proprietor of Robin Hollow Blocks, Raphael Singh, at the business’ Lot 166 School Street, Prospect, East Bank Demerara (EBD) location. 

He also received a plaque from the GNBS Technical Officer, Keon Rankin, to be displayed to customers as a symbol of this achievement.

During the handing-over ceremony, Singh noted that he always strives to manufacture quality blocks and is proud to join the GNBS’ Product Certification Programme. 

Owner of Robin Hollow Blocks Raphael Singh (centre), GNBS Technical Officers Latchman Mootoosammi and Keon Rankin

“With this certification, customers will know that my product is keeping with quality requirements, and I am committed to keeping that standard,” he said. 

Robin Hollow Blocks is now the fourth Concrete hollow block company to be certified by the GNBS. The company can now use the National Standards Mark on the four and six-inch blocks. The certificate is valid for one year. 

Rankin congratulated the block manufacturer and encouraged him to work towards maintaining the standard’s requirements. He indicated that the Bureau is proud of the commitment demonstrated to join its list of companies in Guyana that have been granted certification for concrete blocks.

In addition to certification, the GNBS offers testing of concrete blocks. Concrete hollow blocks of common sizes, including three, four, and six inches, can be tested. 

Testing is also provided for concrete cubes and cylinders in accordance with standards. Samples of these items can be submitted to the GNBS’ Flat 15, Sophia Exhibition Complex, Georgetown Office, and subsequently, a test certificate is provided.

This year, the Bureau also commenced offering Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for concrete blocks, structures, and cubes. Non-Destructive Testing of concrete structures is a useful service to homeowners concerned about the quality of their concrete floors, walls, posts, fences, bridges, etc., or contractors and engineers involved in the construction or the approval of new ones structures. 

Other products currently certified to National Standards under the GNBS Product Certification Scheme are PVC Pipes and Gold Jewellery. 

The GNBS is urging local manufacturers, domestic block makers, contractors, and homeowners, to submit their hollow concrete blocks and structures to its testing laboratory for testing. The results would determine the strength and surface hardness of concrete blocks and structures.



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