Gold miner allegedly robbed of seven chains worth $1.1M in Sophia


Three so far unidentifiable males armed with handguns reportedly robbed a 30-year-old gold miner of Section ‘B’ Field Sophia of Gy$1.1M in gold jewellery.

The incident occurred on Saturday at about 19:20hrs.

According to reports, the victim was standing in his yard when he saw the perpetrators walking on the street heading east, when they suddenly turned into his yard. They then allegedly whipped out their handguns and pointed it at the gold miner and demanded that he handed over seven gold chains (valued Gy$1,100,000) that he was wearing at the time.

The 30-year-old goldminer refused, when one of the perpetrators pulled off the articles (seven gold chains) from the man’s neck, and they made good their escape in an unknown direction.

Investigations are ongoing.


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