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Government allegedly issues no vending letter to caravans, Mayor challenges move

On Tuesday, City Mayor Ubraj Narine expressed concern with what he dubbed as Government’s “anti-vending” campaign. Mayor Narine indicated that vending is done all over the world and is a vital source of income, especially for the vulnerable and at-risk members of society who are often a missed sale away from dire economic conditions.

In a press release, it was noted that- “The Municipality has approved limited vending in the city in its efforts to assist vulnerable families to earn an honest dollar. The Christmas season is an important period for vendors who capitalize on the season this is threatened by the adversarial stance taken by the Government.”

“It is widely known that the boom of the oil economy has not reached the vulnerable in our society…Government should engage with the Council to find alternative ways to ensure vending is done in a clean and orderly way to assist as part of its One Guyana mantra – helping not only the elites but also the poor” Mayor Narine indicated.

The Mayor of Georgetown also called on the vendors union to reject this latest attack on their members and pledged his full support. He expressed dissatisfaction with the continued disrespect of the Council by the Government which flies in the face of the calls for a unified Guyana.



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