The Government will be moving to strengthen the Scrap Metal Unit in the new year, apart from the legislative component, the staffing component will be enhanced. More in this report from Handell Duncan.

Under Business Development, Support and Promotion of the Ministry of Business there has been an increase in the number of contracted employees, in addition to the budgetary allocation. This according to Minister of Business – Dominic Gaskin will cater for employees coming under the Scrap Metal Unit.

A Scrap Metal Officer is also catered for under that provision. Minister Gaskin was asked by Opposition Member of Parliament, Joseph Hamilton to explain the state of play in Guyana relative to the Scrap Metal Trade.

Minister Gaskin further stated, that it is anticipated that legislation will be brought to the house sometime next year, to have the Unit established under an act.

The Scrap metal trade was suspended in June 15, 2015 shortly after the new Government took office. The suspension stemmed from a forensic audit of the Scrap Metal Unit (SMU), which monitors the trade. At the time the Unit was, under the Central Housing and Planning Authority. By December of that year, the unit, was moved to the Ministry of Business.


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