GPA: Cops waiting several years for house lots to get relief; 23 awarded land, to date


The newly-elected Guyana Police Association (GPA) has said a recent meeting with officials within the housing ministry is bearing fruit and disclosed that so far 23 police officers have received their house lots under the Dream Realized initiative.

According to a press release, a team from the GPA’s executive met recently with Sherwyn Greaves, chief executive officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority within the Ministry of Housing and Water, and other representatives, “to follow-up on a list of ranks who had applied for house lots but have been waiting over the last five years”.

As a result, the GPA said the Ministry has “committed to a path of efficiency”.

The GPA said the housing ministry’s Dream Realized initiative has been “beneficial” to members of the Guyana Police Force, adding that, to date, three ranks from Regional Division 2 and 20 from Regional Division 10 have been “awarded their plot of land”.

“The Guyana Police Association is encouraging ranks to go out to the Dream Realized project as the Ministry moves their programme around the country.

“The Guyana Police Association is making a particular call on its members who have applied for house lots in Region 4 to come out on July 26 & 27 at the Providence Stadium where the Guyana Police Association executive will be present to assist,” the association said.

The GPA, chaired by Inspector Prem Narine, said it has been working “tirelessly” to address the welfare of the ranks “from constables to chief inspectors that it represents — which is also the largest block of ranks of the Guyana Police Force”.


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