GPOC receives international award for efficiency, security in postal services


The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) has been recognised and awarded for postal efficiency and security by the Universal Postal Union which cites the outstanding implementation of a project through the Quality of Service Fund (QSF).

According to a press statement from the GPOC on Friday (today), it accessed the fund to purchase a State-of-the-Art scanner to enhance the implementation of the ecommerce and other services.

Director of Financial Services and National Coordinator of Quality of Service Fund, Nichola James explained that Guyana must meet certain criteria for quality of service and the scanner provides a 100% detection rate and screening for all incoming and outgoing mails, parcels and small packets.

“Prior to its acquisition, a manual process was used to check for dangerous goods and prohibited items; however, this was only 40% effective. In a bid to continue to offer the highest possible security and transparency in the postal sector, GPOC also implemented the Customs Declaration System (CDS) which allows individuals to pre-register parcels and packages leaving Guyana destined for foreign territories. With the exception of documents, all parcels, packets and items sent through the expedited mail service must have the name, address and contact information for both sender and receiver.”

Failure to provide these mandatory details will impede the delivery of the mail.

Guyana joins 13 countries and stands as the lone recipient of this award.


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