GRA officers injured during shoot out in Mahaica River


Guyana Revenue Authority has indicated that two of it’s enforcement officers have been injured during an Anti-Smuggler Operation in the Mahaica Region on Thursday night.

In a statement by the agency, the officers were in GRA’s vessel at about 11:45hrs in the Mahaica, East Coast Demerara area when they came under high-powered and spotlighted gunfire from the suspect’s property and vessel. It was indicated that a team of GRA officers along with police ranks moved to intercept a motor vessel owned by the suspect which was allegedly transporting smuggled goods in the Mahaica River. It is believed that the suspects were tipped off after the officers came under fire.

“The LEID officers took evasive action by lying flat in their vessel and returned fire in the general direction of the perpetrators. However, the perpetrator’s bullets pierced the GRA’s vessel and injured two of the officers in the abdomen and face.”

The officers however is currently in surgery due to the incident. Further the agency stated that at this time, no one has been arrested or whether the perpetrators have been injured during the gun fight.

Additionally, “Despite the constant threat to their lives, LEID Officers continue to fearlessly execute their duty in order to curb the scourge of smuggling and safeguard the country’s revenues. The Authority welcomes the help of the public and will continue to utilise the resources of its sister Agencies to this effect.” Investigations are ongoing into the matter.


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