GTT Donates Phones equipped with Caller ID to Fire Service, Perpetrators warned against Prank Calling.


On Thursday, the Guyana Fire Service received a donation of four (4) phones from the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.
The cordless phones are equipped with caller ID and recorders which will assist in the reduction of prank calls and identifying the perpetrators.
In a press release, the Guyana Fire Service stated that “ The Guyana Fire Service is mandated to respond to all fire reports and is therefore appealing to citizens to avoid making prank calls which can only hamper the work of the Fire Service. Prank calling an emergency service is a serious offense which can result in serious consequences such as loss to life or property.”

Sales Lead of GTT Business Solutions, Vishwanath Ishwardin, committed that GTT will also be providing a monthly report of all inbound calls to the 912 line to help track prank callers.  
Chief Fire Officer (Ag), Gregory Wickham thanked GTT for the timely donation noting that the phones will enhance the  efficiency of the Fire Service by allowing a reduction in prank calls through the Caller ID capturing and conversation recording functionalities.


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