Gun-toting bandits carry out daring robbery/murder in Toroparu backdam


A man identified only as ‘Saw-man’ was killed in the Toroparu Backdam, Cuyuni River after receiving a gunshot from bandits on Tuesday night. Giving an account of what transpired police say, a 38-year-old miner/shopkeeper was at his shop when four men approached him, tied him up, and demanded cash and gold. It is alleged that the shopkeeper told the perpetrators that his girlfriend, a 36-year-old Venezuelan national, who was at a nearby shop, had the gold. Two of the robbers then left and returned with her and relieved her of 9 ounces of raw gold valued at $2.7 million, 1 gold chain valued at $200,000, and two metal detectors valuing $450,000.
The suspects then led the Venezuelan woman away from the shop through a trail, where they saw someone approaching with a light. One of the men allegedly discharged a round in the direction of the light, and released the Venezuelan woman before fleeing the scene. Subsequently, after loud cries were heard by co-workers nearby, they rushed to the injured man taking him back to their camp where he succumbed shortly after. Saw-Man appeared to be shot in his upper right thigh. Efforts are currently being made to bring the deceased to Georgetown, for identification and a post-mortem examination.


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