Gunman, cutlass-wielding bandits rob Berbice family of cash, jewellery


A family of three has been left traumatized and counting their losses after two cutlass-wielding bandits, along with a gunman, stormed into their home last night and robbed them of cash and gold jewellery.

Reports are that around 19:30h, a husband and his wife were sitting underneath their house at Zorg-en-Hoop, Blairmont, West Coast Berbice, when the suspects rushed into their yard and began threatening them .

The couple was ordered to enter their home, and the armed trio followed through the back door of the house, which had been partially open at the time of the robbery.

The couple’s son had been inside of the house when he noticed his parents along with the suspects enter but was forced to give in to their demands after realizing that their lives were in jeopardy.

The gunman proceeded to point his weapon in the face of the young man and ordered him to hand over the family’s cash and jewellery. The cutlass-wielding bandits did not wait for the man to comply and began ransacking the various  rooms in the family’s two-storeyed house.

They unearthed a quantity of gold jewellery that was stored in one bedroom and located the man’s wallet which contained over $20,000 in cash.

According to Regional Police Commander, Superintendent, Yonette Stephens, the armed trio made good their escape through the back door of the house which they had used as their entry point. 

The distraught family was unable to provide information to the police  as to which direction the suspects fled after obtaining their loot since they were  stin a state of shock.

Investigations into the matter are currently underway.


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