– Victim claims robbery attempt.


A man is counting his lucky stars after he managed to escape from gun toting gunmen on the East Ruimveldt Front Road on Tuesday night. The incident is said to have occurred around 23 hrs and a few yards away from the East Ruimveldt Police Outpost. According to reports, Oswald Bunbury was playing a game of cards with some friends on the front road when the two men approached on motorcycles.

It is reported that Bunbury, upon seeing the men who were hooded, made a dash for his life. This was not a moment too soon since the men opened fire on him. He managed to run into a nearby house without being hit, but the men pursued firing shots in the process. They followed Bunbury to the house that he had just retreated to and discharged rounds at the door of the house, causing extreme panic to those around. Many were forced to duck from the shots and others ran to whatever safety could be had.

The men left after the ordeal since their attempts to retrieve Bunbury were futile. The police were summoned to the scene after the gunmen fled and recovered two spent 9mm shells and a warhead which was fired at the door of the house.

According to reports Bunbury is claiming to have recently returned from overseas and has no idea as to why someone would want to hurt him, since he hasn’t offended anyone since his return. The victim is being forced to believe it was a robbery attempt, as he had a few pieces of jewellery on at the time. Residents in the community are expressing grave concern since the incident occurred in the vicinity where a police outpost is stationed.


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