Gunmen rob Essequibo business complex of $3.3M in cellphones, computer tablets 


Two gunmen stormed into a hotel in the wee hours of Wednesday (today) and robbed a 40-year-old man who was on duty at the building of $5,000 in cash, before they robbed a “cellphone stall” in the business complex of $3M worth of cellular phones and $300,000 in computer tablets before making good their escape.

The armed robbery occurred around 00:30h at the “WD Malls”, Charity, Essequibo.

According to a police report, one (1) of the bandits is “known” to the cops. It is alleged that the two (2) suspects approached the premises and upon seeing the 40-year-old man there, the duo requested rooms. 

“As such the victim opened for them. The two males whipped out black handguns from their waists and pointed it to him while demanding monies. One of the males reach into his pocket and took out $5,000 and a bunch of keys which belongs to the hotel and attempted to bind his hands but failed.”

The police noted that the gunmen abandoned the attempt to bind the hands of the 40-year-old and one (1) of them proceeded to a cellular phone “stall” on the first flat of the building.

The suspect then broke a glass door to gain entrance inside of the said stall.

“They then took a quantity of cellphones valued $3M and a quantity of tablets valued $300,000 and made good of their escape. The entire ordeal was captured on CCTV cameras and investigations are underway.”


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