Gunmen storms Corentyne family’s home after wakehouse


A family from No.73 Village Corentyne, Berbice is assisting police as they investigate an alleged robbery under arms committed in their home at about 1:30hrs on October 25. According to the police, a 58-year-old overseas-based housewife and 31-year-old male security guard went to a wake house around 21:00hrs and secured their home. Upon returning home at about 00:45 hours the housewife claims she was napping while waiting on her son to return. She was awakened by two males dressed in dark colour clothing with masks on their faces and gloves on their hands. One of them pointed a small black gun to her head and demanded that she take off her gold chain and two gold finger rings, while the other bandit went into the bedroom. They then confronted the second victim who had just driven into the yard. Upon seeing the bandits he ran and left the car with the keys in the ignition leaving the men to take the car and escaping. The men took One gold chain valued $70,000.00, two gold rings valued $80,000.00, one Samsung cellphone valued $40,000.00, one Clark’s sneakers valued $16,000.00, and one backpack valued $4,000.00.

Forced entry was seen to the door of the lower flat. Investigations are on going.


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