Incident leaves one dead and two injured.

A student was killed and two others injured, following an attack by armed men in the southern parish of St. Elizabeth. Dead is Shamar Blackwood, 16, of the Maggotty High School in the parish. According to the Jamaican Press, “The boy was shot in the head during a rampage, by gunmen in the mountainous Pisgah/Huntley Castle area of north-west St Elizabeth.”
Jamaica police report that shortly before 10pm, six armed men entered a house in the community of Pisgah in the parish. Soon after, the armed assailants entered a restaurant where they robbed patrons of cash, jewellery and cellular phones. The men reportedly fired several shots before leaving, however no one was injured in that incident.

The gunmen then went to the nearby community of Huntley Castle where they entered a shop and ordered patrons to lie face down on the floor. According to police, the men took liquor, cash and cellular phones and left. Shortly after, one of the gunmen returned and opened fire on the group, injuring Shamar and two others.
The three were rushed to hospital where the teenager was pronounced dead. Police report that one person remains in hospital in serious condition while the other person was treated and released.
Extracted and modified from Caribbean 360


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