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Guns, ammunition and over $4M in Cash found in Ministry of Health employee’s car

On Monday, several employees attached to the Ministry of Health’s Diamond bond were arrested as the investigation into reports  of simple larceny at the bond continues. Around 13:00 hours, police in the division visited the bond to conduct investigations. As a result, a number of employees were fingered in connection to the crime. They all denied the allegation. 

However, as Investigators broadened their probe, they discovered guns and ammunition and large sum of cash in the vehicle of an employee of the Ministry of Health bond located at Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

A search of the employees car (PAB 3032) revealed one duffel bag which when opened, contained a 9MM Luger pistol without magazine and two rounds of 9MM ammunition. Police also found one .380 pistol with magazine containing 7 matching rounds of ammunition and a large quantity of cash. In the side pocket of the said bag 20 rounds of .380 ammunition were found.

The vehicle owner was cautioned of the offence committed and replied “Officer leh we deal with this before it reach de station.”

A sting operation was set in motion and the man was arrested along with the other employees of the state entity and taken to the Golden Grove Police Station where they were placed into custody pending further investigations. 

At the Golden Grove Police Station CID office while being questioned about the firearms and ammunition without licence, the motorcar owner requested his bag and he withdrew and offered the police investigators $1,750,000.00 cash to forego the said charges. 

At this point he was told of the new offence committed – Corrupt Transaction with Agent – cautioned in accordance with the Judge’s Rules and he replied “Well sir tek de whole bag a money all I want is me freedom”.

A total of $4580,000.00 cash was found on him which included US$5,760.00 and the rest in Guyanese currency. The said money, firearms and ammunition were lodged and he remains in custody as further investigations are in progress.



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