Gunshots never fired at home of Tuschen residents- Police Commander


broken, damaged windows were not as a result of any gunplay in area

A family residing at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), has been reported as fearful after shots were allegedly fired at their home, but according to the police, investigations revealed that such an incident never occurred.

HGP Nightly News understands that just over a week ago, Poorandai Sukhu, made a report to the police that her niece and the woman’s spouse along with their two children reside at Sukhu’s home in Tuschen and she (Sukhu) was told that there was a damage to a window which appeared to have been made from a bullet.

Police ranks visited the home and noticed that a hole was in one of the windows while another had been broken but after a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the damages were not caused by shots from a gun.

According to a source, the woman’s niece, Vedwantie Singh, along with her reputed husband and children were allegedly not at the home when the damages to the window occurred.

The family of four had spent a night at another residence and upon their arrival, they reportedly noticed the broken and damaged windows, and had notified Sukhu that they appeared to have been caused by a bullet.

Police Regional Commander, Assistant Police Commissioner, Simon McBean, when contacted noted that another team of police officers visited the residence to ensure that the report from the first visit had been accurate.

This, he said, was done in light of another news entity publishing that the family was now living in fear after a gun-related incident led to a bullet damaging their property.

“The Police then processed the area where the alleged gunshot hole was seen. But based upon the Detective and his expert training, he concluded that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that there was any gunshot fired into the general area. It more appears to be some other factor contributing to the hole.”

Commander McBean pointed out that enquiries from neighbours within proximity revealed that there was no commotion or unusual sound emanating from within the environment when the damages would have occurred.

He added that in any such circumstance the public is free to and should alert the police when and if any criminal activity occurs but assured that in this matter, no gunplay was involved, and therefore residents in the area can put aside such fears.


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