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Guyana Born, UK Entrepreneur Garners £100k TV Advertising Airtime and Custom Advert – Caribbean Food

News Americas, LONDON, UK, Fri. Feb. 9, 2024: Mark Dalgety, a UK entrepreneur born in Guyana and founder of Dalgety Herbal Teas, is among five Black-owned businesses selected to benefit from over half a million pounds’ worth of free TV advertising through Channel 4’s Black In Business initiative, in partnership with Lloyds Bank.

Each business, including Dalgety Herbal Teas, will receive £100,000 worth of TV advertising airtime and a tailored TV advert produced by Channel 4. These bespoke adverts will be showcased across Channel 4’s platforms until March 31st.

The Black In Business initiative aims to support small businesses new to TV advertising, addressing obstacles faced by Black entrepreneurs highlighted in research commissioned by Channel 4 Sales. This initiative forms part of Channel 4’s broader commitment to improving Black representation both on-screen and in the TV industry.

Dalgety Herbal Teas, known for its 100% natural herbal teas, also promotes positive social and economic impact in small farming communities across the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

The uplifting advert features Dalgety introducing the brand’s diverse range of herbal teas, highlighting their suitability for various moments and settings, including a mock beach scene. The advert aims to introduce Dalgety Teas to new audiences and expand its presence in UK supermarkets.

Dalgety Teas expresses gratitude to Channel 4 and Lloyds Bank for the significant opportunity, recognizing the potential for the national TV campaign to broaden its reach and product placement within supermarkets.

Dalgety’s journey from engineering graduate to successful entrepreneur is a testament to perseverance and innovation. Dalgety’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Dalgety Teas, a thriving herbal tea business.

The story of Dalgety Teas begins humbly in Brixton Market in 1993. With limited funds, Dalgety seized an opportunity to source Cerassie/Corilla tea bush from the Caribbean, marking the genesis of his business venture. His initial success, earning £8,000 from a single order, fueled his determination to fill a gap in the UK market for 100% natural herbal teas.

Dalgety’s grassroots approach to growing his business involved tireless efforts to reach customers. From local markets to ethnic shops and church fairs, he personally promoted his teas, relying on word-of-mouth to build awareness. As the sole distributor, he traveled extensively, establishing a network of customers across the UK before outsourcing distribution to wholesalers.

Despite facing challenges, Dalgety’s innovative strategies propelled his teas into major UK supermarkets and independent stores nationwide. Beyond the UK, Dalgety Teas have made their mark globally, reaching customers in Africa, South Korea, the US, and the Caribbean.

Ethical business practices have always been integral to Dalgety Teas’ ethos. Dalgety’s commitment to supporting small farmers in the Caribbean and Africa underscores his dedication to social responsibility. Additionally, the company’s collaboration with healthcare organizations reflects its broader impact on community well-being.

Dalgety’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes the importance of determination, focus, and passion. His philosophy of enjoying the journey and continuously striving for growth has guided him to success.

Today, Dalgety Teas boasts a diverse range of 36 herbal varieties, available online and in 16 countries worldwide. With the support of the Black In Business initiative, Dalgety is poised to further expand his business and make a lasting impact in the herbal tea industry.



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