Guyana gets over 2 million water purification tablets


Guyana on Tuesday received over two million water purification tablets to aid the country’s flood relief, according to a press release.

Acting Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Irfan Akhtar, made the presentation to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), stating that clean water is essential for life especially during times of flooding.

The two million water purification tablets will treat 10 million litres of water.

The CDC is a valued partner of UNICEF and the organizations have worked together on many issues. The acting UNICEF Representative assured that support will continue to be provided once the need arises.

“When the recent flooding disaster occurred, UNICEF recognized that children and families would be among the most affected and we immediately responded, based on the needs list issued by the CDC. We recognize that when children don’t have access to clean water, it affects their health, nutrition, education and learning abilities, thus impacting many aspects of their lives. Clean and safe water is essential for children’s health, survival and development,” said Mr. Akhtar.

Accepting the donation was CDC’s Deputy Director General, Major Loring Benons, who lauded the sustained assistance from the United Nations in Guyana.

Major Benons said that the water purification tablets play a very important role in response and recovery and the CDC will begin distributing the supplies to affected areas immediately.

This donation of the water purification tablets complements emergency support provided by UNICEF through the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security for flood relief.

UNICEF has supported the Ministry to procure shelter supplies, WASH and hygiene kits, water storage containers, and some material for Child Friendly spaces.

The CDC continues to work with Non-Governmental Organizations to provide relief to flood affected residents countrywide.


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