Guyana gets US$ 6.7M education grant from World Bank



The World Bank has approved a US$6.7 million grant for Guyana that seeks to improve learning in nursery schools, increase technology use in primary schools, and improve functionality of the national education management information system.

According to World Bank Resident Representative for Jamaica and Guyana Ozan Sevimli,  Guyana’s education sector has made progress in the last 15 years however, the learning outcomes remain low, and improving the quality of education at all levels will be the priority for Guyana to develop its human capital.

Additionally, GPE Chief Executive Officer Alice Albright underscored that the GPE will continue to help make Guyana’s education system more resilient and effective so that the most vulnerable girls and boys can go to school and learn.

Further, this project will complement two ongoing projects financed by the World Bank’s International Development Association. The Education Sector Improvement Project aims to improve mathematics education and the University of Guyana’s Faculty of Health Sciences


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