Guyana Police Force awarded ranks with $88.4M in cash and other incentives during Awards Ceremony


As part of its annual anniversary Awards Ceremony, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) today awarded a total of $88.4M in cash and other incentives to members of the Force, and of which over $7.5M was awarded to ranks as cash prizes for their outstanding performance in the various divisions and departments of the GPF.

The Awards Ceremony took place today (July 14, 2022) at the Tactical Services Unit Drill Square, Police Headquarters as part of the Force’s 183rd Anniversary festivities.

In recognition of their commitment, devotion and success in carrying out their responsibilities, several ranks from various Departments and all Regional Police Divisions received financial rewards.

Speaking at the ceremony, Acting Commissioner of Police Mr. Clifton Hicken said that this awards ceremony recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves and the Guyana Police Force by their exemplary acts of bravery, professionalism, and praiseworthy deeds.

“Indeed, no one is compelled to choose the profession of a Police Officer, but having chosen it, everyone is obliged to live up to its professional standards. It is safe to say that the duties and professional calibre that Police Officers are required to have are different from any other profession,” the Top Cop stated.

He further said that ranks’ efforts have not gone unnoticed. “That is why we are here today to honour all of you for your dedication beyond the stipulated standards and scope of your normal duty as employees of the Guyana Police Force. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, as we have conjointly remained committed to the mandate of the Guyana Police Force,” Mr. Hicken posited.

The Top Cop alluded to the fact that currently there is an ongoing transformational change occurring in the Guyana Police Force driven by its 2022-2026 Strategic Plan.

He reminded the gathering that the plan guides the Guyana Police Force’s strategic direction of being a modernized, diversified, and accountable Police Force that is prepared to meet contemporary policing demands.

The Plan, he said, is governed by six (6) pillars, which are operations, partnership, developing our people, infrastructure, performance, professionalism, and accountability.

“Under these pillars, the Guyana Police Force has already achieved several successes as
compared to past years.
Some of which are, but not limited to: reduction in serious crime by -15%, establishment of a Community Relations Department, MOAs formed with University of Guyana, Cacique Inc., Nations University, Texila American University, Government Technical Institutes, and Board of Industrial Training for the purpose of capacity building, and recruitment of a Therapist/Counselor to provide psychotherapy for ranks. Just to name a few,” Mr. Hicken stated.

While acknowledging that the Guyana Police Force successes are many, Mr. Hicken went on to say that the successes are also simultaneously accompanied by challenges such as inadequate human resources, budget constraints, and emerging security threats, among others. Thereafter, he noted that there is still much work to be done if the Force is to properly meet the demands of the public.

To do so, Mr. Hicken said these works include establishing Regional Command Centers and a Community Relations Foundation; increasing strategic alliances with local, regional, and international agencies to boost information sharing and joint operations; enhancing Police buildings with specialist facilities such as disability ramps, domestic violence rooms, child-friendly rooms among others that meet international best practices; decentralizing Police departments to Regional Divisions such as the Community Relations Department, Mounted, Canine, Marine and SWAT; continuously forming MAs with learning institutions for training and development; establishing an accredited Police Academy with certified lecturers, improving traffic and crime prevention and detection capabilities; implementing social crime prevention programmes, among many others.

In closing, the Commissioner congratulated the awardees stating that all ranks are award winners as this Awards Ceremony not only recognizes those members for their outstanding performance but also it recognises the duty and fortitude of ALL members, regular and auxiliary, who have served in the Guyana Police Force.

“We must pat ourselves on the back for all our accomplishments thus far. Henceforth, I would like to urge all members of the Guyana Police Force to strengthen your commitment to the oath you took to ‘Serve and Protect’ as we remain resolutely on the path of reform and you must continue to ensure service to the nation with the highest level of professionalism, trust and integrity,” the Top Cop charged the ranks.

He emphasized that the Guyana Police Force is working assiduously to improve its mission of transparency, accountability, and professionalism. Mr. Hicken also urged the ranks to recommit themselves to working beyond the call of duty and engage with members of the community.

During the welcoming remarks, Mr. Calvin Brutus, Deputy Commissioner ‘Administration’ (ag), noted that today’s award ceremony marks an exponential increase in cash prizes and awards.

This, he said, serves as a motivation to all ranks to work towards receiving those accolades that were later handed out at the ceremony.

“Apart from what is being handed out at the square today, the total amount of money, cash, and incentives that will be awarded between today and tomorrow or by the end of today will be a total of $88.4 million,” Mr. Brutus declared to a loud round of applause.

The awards were handed over by Minister of Home Affairs, Honourable Robeson Benn, Permanent Secretary Ms. Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas, Top Cop Mr. Clifton Hicken, Assistant Commissioner Mr. Mahendra Siwnarine, Senior Superintendent Michael Kingston, Force Chaplain Patrick Doolichand among others.

Awardees were the Community Policing Groups and Individuals, Office of Professional Responsibility, General Office, all of the various Regional Divisions.
Special awards were given to CID Headquarters, Central Immigration and Passport Office, Police Band Room, and Quartermaster Store: Textile Section and Tailor Shop.

The ceremony was well-attended by Members of the Force’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and other senior functionaries of the Force, along with junior ranks from various divisions and departments.

Special Superintendent Ms. Allison Moore delivered the closing remarks.

(Guyana Police Force)


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