Guyana’s “Spice Girl” – Rodiek-ah DeFreitas


    Growing up at her Alexander Village residence, Rodiek-ah DeFreitas would always admire her mother while she prepared small batches of authentic Guyanese seasoning and spices to support her family. Rodiek-ah DeFreitas is now 30 years old and is the owner of a successful business enterprise, known as Diekah’s Spices. In 2018, she took a leap of faith when she lost her full-time employment at Qualfon and ventured into the spice business. During her employment at Qualfon, Rodiek-ah would often combine spices to sell as a “side hustle” at work and at the market on her days off.

    In April 2018, her first opportunity arose when she was contacted by Guyana Manufacturing and Service Association (GMSA) to participate at the UncappeD Marketplace; an event she had previously expressed interest in. With only a week to prepare for this event, she managed to mix and match to create various combinations of herbs and spices to give a lasting first impression. To her surprise, Diekah’s Spices became a hit and the positive feedback motivated Rodiek-ah to work even harder to increase production. Diekah’s Spices entered the Guyana Shop soon after.

    Through the Guyana Shop and the Guyana Marketing Corporation, Diekah’s Spices has gained notable recognition through the Farmers’ Market Day and other exhibitions. These events not only proliferated her brand’s publicity, but she was afforded the opportunity to network with other agro-processors and prospective customers. Additionally, the Guyana Shop has paved the way for Diekah’s Spices to enter other supermarkets through their “Guyana Shop Corners,” which promotes the consumption of local products and encourages the public to support their local agro-processors.

    In 2018, Rodiek-ah DeFreitas was awarded for her outstanding performance in innovation, manufacturing, and service by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association. She was also awarded “Small Business of the Year” by the Small Business Bureau in 2019. Additionally, Rodiek-ah has benefited from UncappeD Initiative Food Safety Training for Agro-processors hosted by GMSA.

    Presently, Diekah’s Spices manufactures over nine (9) different combinations of herbs and spices which do not include monosodium glutamate (MSG) or artificial preservatives.  Rodiek-ah takes pride in the preparation of her products, in terms of incorporating good manufacturing practices. To maintain premium quality, she ensures that her products are properly packaged and stored. 

    Diekah’s Spices can be found at the Guyana Shop, located at Robb and Alexander Streets and other major supermarkets countrywide.

    Persons desirous of starting their agri-business are encouraged to contact GMC’s Agri-business Development Department for assistance.


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