“Guyanese should not be bullied by other nation’s public servants” – Lincoln Lewis


While the recount of the March 2 regional and general elections is only at its first phase, various observer missions have already submitted its final report. According to Lincoln Lewis, this is a “disservice” to Guyana since it is done “at a time that questions the credibility of the process and allegations still being addressed.”

Lewis wrote in a recent article, published by the Chronicle, that Guyana, like many other nations including the United States, deserves the right to exercise judicial and other reviews over its system without direction by outside forces. He said that even though the process is being scrutinized by CARICOM there has been intensive lobbying of U.S congressmen and women.

“They came to observe but set out to operate as though they are presiding over the process. Guyanese should not be bullied by other nation’s public servants. They can’t go to their countries and determine how elections must be run much less show open contempt for the laws and processes governing same. The dictation they want to give to us in their own country they cannot do it; the audacity of them,” Lewis expressed.

Lewis also mentioned that some of the representatives speaking out on Guyana’s electoral issues are also not without taint to their characters. One such representative he noted is Unites States congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had pleaded for Guyanese to accept the results.

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a sordid track record on credible elections when she headed the Democratic National Convention. She was forced to resign in disgrace on the eve of the party’s 2016 convention for her involvement in rigging the democratic process to favour the candidate that she supported as against the other.”

These actions are disrespectful to CARICOM he said, “…which is Guyana’s primary regional partnership, grouping, and “most significant interlocutor.”

Lewis finally warns of the possibility of re-colonisation of Guyana. He also condemned the actions of those who are allowing and encouraging those international bodies to have a direct say, undermining the nation’s constitution and election laws.

“What they are signaling to us is that white is right and they determine the fate of people of colour even in places where they exercise no legal control and jurisdiction. Shame on the Opposition. Shame on those Guyanese who encourage this situation where those who we vote for cannot make decision for this country but bring foreigners to tell us what to do.”


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