• Following report by presidential commission.

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, has resigned less than a week after President Michel Martelly had received a report from an 11-member presidential commission established to help deal with Haiti’s worsening political crisis. The Commission had also recommended the resignation of the members of the Electoral Council.

Haiti has seen several violent street demonstrations led by opposition figures in recent weeks, after the Government’s failure to hold the required elections. Lamothe in his broadcast noted, “I am leaving the post of prime minister this evening with a feeling of accomplishment”. The protestors have been calling for the resignation of both Martelly and Lamothe after the country failed to hold elections in October.

Political observers note that by January 12, next year, the Haitian parliament will become dysfunctional with only 10 senators left, while 16 is required to hold a session. Martelly said earlier that he had accepted the commission’s findings, and would meet government officials on Monday to discuss them.

Extracted and modified from Caribbean 360


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