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Harbour Bridge launches probe into “profane message” displayed on digital board

The Demerara Habour Bridge Corporation (DHBC) on Wednesday said that a probe had been launched into the “profane message” broadcasted on its digital board.


Today, the Management of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation (DHBC) offers its sincerest apology to the citizens and visitors of Guyana, who on Thursday night were forced to endure vulgarity during a calculated attack on the Corporation, and by extension the Government of Guyana.

“We wish to assure everyone that the profane message broadcast via the digital messaging board at the bridge was perpetrated with ill intent by a yet unknown person or persons, to cast a shadow of doubt over the corporation and its hardworking staff.

This will not be taken lightly. Not only do we view it as an attack, but also a total misrepresentation of who we are as a team executing our mandate of ensuring safe, and timely crossing of everyone using the Demerara Harbour Bridge.”

The Management of the DHBC also commits to ensuring better systems, and monitoring mechanisms are in place, to ensure that this type of incident does not recur, to cause confusion or to distract drivers whose focus must remain unhindered at all times.

We assure members of the public that a full investigation has been launched into this incident. We appreciate your inquiries and messages of concern from the time this attack transpired.  

We also, thank you, sincerely, for the swiftness in which you contacted us about this matter, and encourage you to continue to be our partners in development, as we work to ensure only the most excellent service is given to you from the corporation.

One again, thank you.

Wayne Watson

General Manager – Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation



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